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About Us

Colin Vernon - Founder

I’ve always had the entrepreneur mindset of wanting to work for myself and build a business. My parents both owned and operated their own businesses, as did their parents before them and their parents before them. The entrepreneur lifestyle first started for me at the age of 10, when I created a lawn care business. I ran my lawnmower from home to home in the summer months and shovelled in the winter, all with signed contracts.

Fast forward a few years…

I started my detailing journey in 2009. My first job right out of high school was at a dealership body shop. Over 4.5 years, I learnt different skills and became increasingly better at my job. However, I always felt like I wanted to learn more. Little did I know back then that my love for detailing and wanting to work for myself was eventually going to grow into what it is today- my business and passion!

I left the wash bay in 2013 and went to work at Visions Electronics. I quickly grew to understand sales and customer relations which helped develop the skills I have used in the years since. In a short period of time, I became the Car Audio Manager and also one of the Floor Manager store key holders.

But after a few months, I again felt the need to explore and expand my knowledge, so I went into a completely different line of work, the railroad. 

Little did I know, at this time I was developing IBS, which is a medical condition affecting your entire digestive system. After a few months of constantly being away from home and working long days, I had to leave my position due to how greatly and drastically my health was being affected. 

After a little over a year of being off work, I decided to reignite the skills I already carried and decided to purchase my 2nd polisher, a few other products and began my mobile detailing services. After only 1 season, I quickly refreshed the skills which I already had from my previous years of detailing, and began to branch out and find new clients. I detailed for a few different shops; some private with hidden showrooms showcasing millions of dollars in cars, to helping other local detail shops- all while also working as a contractor for a pleasure craft dealer who sold fishing boats, pontoons, off-road vehicles, golf carts and other equipment. 

In 2018, I started the year off working for Audi Winnipeg’s new location as their lead detailer. In a short amount of time, I felt I had out grown the pace of a high-volume shop. This gave me the final push I needed to create my business. The next month after I left Audi- August 2018, I registered Phantom Spa Detail Specialist and began my detailing journey to become the entrepreneur I am today. 

I started Phantom Spa in our single car garage out of our home in the small town of Rosenort, 30mins south of Winnipeg. That first season, I was detailing beautiful cars like our 2019 World Of Wheel’s show piece, the 2003 Mustang Cobra ‘Terminator’ edition- to working on high end cars like Porsché and other classic restorations.

Since then, we have ventured even further and taken possession of our own shop located in Grande Pointe where we have greatly grown our business and the ability to perform the high-quality work we are known for.

Detailing is a skill that has grown into a passion that I absolutely love. Something about working on all kinds of paint and taking an old, dull, worn out look to making it look brand new and shine for miles; it has intrigued me immensely, even greater than I could have ever imagined. 

This adventure of being an entrepreneur has allowed me to work alongside some great businesses and be able to continuously learn and grow as an individual and a business owner, and now as of 2021, I am a proud dad to a pair of beautiful twin girls who keep me on my toes, learning everyday.