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Paint Coatings: Paint coatings are a great way to help preserve your vehicles paint and keep it looking its best. We offer a range of coatings from entry level to professional grade. Ceramic coating your paint doesn’t only leave it looking incredibly glossy and hydrophobic- if maintained properly, it can also protect the paint from light to medium defects from improper washing procedures. We have also seen coatings greatly reduce washing times. When maintained, ceramic coatings can last years and years- in some cases, depending on the coating used- it could potentially last the life of the vehicle.

Glass Coatings: Coating glass has several benefits that truly make it a “no brainer” type of product to have installed- on vehicles or even inside your home. For instance, your windshield it will become much clearer and increase visibility for general day to day driving. It also helps with anti-glare from oncoming vehicles during the night and day.  During rainfalls – the raindrops will hit the glass, form into beads of water and fly off the windshield- instead of pooling and sitting flat, thus reducing the need for your wipers- also making it safer to drive with this increased visibility. In the winter months, it helps as the ice cannot stick to the slick surface of the coating like it would on an uncoated glass. With just a few short minutes of defrost, your wipers will easily remove the ice, so you no longer need to use an ice scraper.


Leather & Interior Vinyl/Plastics Coatings: The importance of coating your interior goes beyond the aesthetics of the coating itself. It will give the substrates a depth and sheen to it that does make it aesthetically appeasing, however the other benefits are even more appealing. Firstly, it will help prevent dye transfer onto leather. In addition to that, they help greatly with cleaning and maintaining the interior from the concerning amount of bacteria that can potentially grow inside your vehicle. Leather and plastic coatings will typically have UV inhibitors to help prevent them from breaking down and fading. Coatings also help prevent stains and other chemicals from damaging the substrate.


Cloth Coatings: For the ultimate protection of your rides soft top, the best answer is to coat it. Along with the soft top, you can also ceramic coat most fabrics of your interior- with exception to a few. Proper fabric or cloth coatings will adhere themselves to the individual fibers of the substrate. Allowing the cloth or fabric to still breathe and not stiffen- maintaining its natural shape and feel.


Trim Coatings: Coating the trim of your vehicle is a great way to preserve its original color and keep it from fading, or breaking down due to the UV or IR Rays from the sun. It also helps greatly with keeping trim easy to clean – especially textured trim that hold dirt in all of its texture. We have noticed that even long after the coating has outlived its life expectancy, it continues to make cleaning the trim a breeze.

Here at Phantom Spa it’s our goal to always attain the best possible results with quality products and correction procedures. When we perform paint correction, our ideal goal is to remove 50-80% of surface defects, such as light to moderate scratches, marring, swirls, and rub marks. By doing so, this allows us to bring the paint back to a deep, glossy finish.

We can offer a simple single step correction or light swirl removal polish to brighten up the paint and remove about 25- 50% of surface defects- what you see is what you get.

Beyond that, we can perform a 2 step correction expelling up to 80% or more of surface defects, leaving the paint with much more of a deep, reflective glossy finish!

When it comes to Paint Restoration, our goals become a bit more tedious and more oriented toward total perfection. We aim to remove between 90-95% of all surface defects. The focus is more on attaining a perfected surface by removing deep scratches, marring, heavy swirls, holograms etc. this is typically done in 3 stages; first with a cutting compound, then polishing, followed by a refining stage. By performing a Paint Restoration service, the painted surfaces will be incredibly smooth, reflective, and refined leaving the paint with a deep gloss that pops off the surface with a mirror like finish unlike you’ve ever seen before

To truly see the full potential of your vehicle esthetics, we need to inspect all substrates- clean them, correct any possible defects, protect the substrates and maintain everything from the exterior paint, wheel’s, glass and trim, to the interior vinyls/leather, fabric and carpet. We will do all the initial correction and protection, and help you to maintain the outcome for years to come.

The Phantom Effect is the full meal deal, intended for those who want their vehicle to look better then they’ve ever imagined. 100% of our previous customer have stated that it looks better than it ever had before, or than it did sitting on the show room floor.

This service can be expected to last 7+ days and is stored indoors, protected and insured.


Our Premium exterior detailing services can range from 2-bucket washing, waxing, to decontamination services. This includes removing tar, fallout, tree sap, any embedded contamination causing the paint to appear dull. Using specific methods such as using clay to remove contamination, light cosmetic repairs such as filling in scratches, painting, and or clear coating items, headlight restoration, trim restoration and more.


*With all of our premium exterior details,

we offer a complimentary engine bay clean**


Our interior detailing is a very thorough process where we use various different amount of cleaning products and different processes such as vacuuming, shampooing/extracting, steam cleaning, leather treatment, headliner cleaning, stain removal, and more to detail and clean the interior to a presentable state. We also offer more thorough services like removing smoke smell or foul odours, or cleaning mold and mildew.

In addition to that, we can also offer chemical free details- in this process we do not use any chemicals inside your vehicle. This is great for people who are easily affected by strong smells or have reactions to chemicals in general. If you feel this service is for you, please request a no chemical detail when booking.

(Please note; not all stains can be removed. It comes down to the type of stain, how long its been sitting, and if anyone has attempted to clean previously.)


For the cloth and fabrics, we also offer a cloth coating for added protection which can also be applied to carpeted surfaces.

**With our premium interior details,

we offer a complimentary exterior wash**

give your car the care it deserves.


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